2017 Legion Scholarship Applications (updated January 26, 2017)

Thursday, January 26th, 2017 @ 12:23PM

RE: 2017 Scholarship Applications

Updated to add additional external Scholarships that are available.

First, I want to thank you for all you do to provide students with financial opportunities that can help them in their educational endeavors!

That’s also our mission here at Outside Scholarships, so in that spirit, I wanted to pass some other opportunities you may not be aware of. I thought they’d make a great addition to your page here:

http://guidance-department.highschool.parkridge.k12.nj.us/modules/groups/group_pages.phtml?gid=3065547&nid=292135&sessionid=&printable=TRUE&portrait_or_landscape=portrait, so please feel free to share them!

Geneseo Migrant Center Scholarships for Migrant Students

Print and Graphics Scholarship Foundation Scholarships

Society of Women Engineers Scholarship Program

Green Home Improvement Scholarship

VFW Auxiliary’s Young American Patriotic Art Contest

Jeannette Rankin Women’s Scholarship Fund

Diabetes Scholars Foundation

Additional $2,000 Scholarship available: Mesothelioma. Net

It is that time of year again. The below scholarship applications are available on line at: http://bcnjal.org/docs/Scholarships

As additional scholarships become available I will add them to the folder and will include a note in email that they have been added. Take note the BC SAL and The Ernie Wilson applications are from last year but the requirements, etc. usually don’t change but the filling date does. I left them there so that the students could start to gather what is needed, etc. if they qualify.

Any questions as always contact me at bobsalvini@att.net.

For God and Country,

“We continue to serve”

Bob Salvini

BCAL Commander


  1. BCSAL Scholarship
  2. Ernie Wilson Jr. Memorial Scholarship
  3. Department of New Jersey Scholarships
  4. Eagle Scout Scholarship (National Level)
  5. Bergen County American Legion (Gene Howell/Don Holmes) Scholarship
  6. George F Axt Nurses Scholarship
  7. Alcorehab.org (3 $6,000 a year scholarships)
  8. Mig Vapor $3,000 scholarship

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