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Fellow Legionnaires,

This will be the first article after changing the newsletter from every 2 months to 3 months. I think so far all has gone well, as we send out weekly emails on changes and also as a friendly reminder. If you’d like to be added to the distribution please email

The attendance at the meetings has been consistent (wish more would come out but it is what it is.) The meetings are short and we provide good info as well as provide you an opportunity to help guide us in our endeavors to help our fellow comrades and work within the community and with the youth to help develop them into future leaders of our country.

The capsule was not won at any of the meetings so will be $410 at the February meeting. As for the 50/50 Terence Kenny won in November, Mark Hernon in December and Tommy O’Neil in January.

All business at the January meeting was cancelled because members of the Police Pipe and Drums of Bergen came to tell us about the experience at Pearl Harbor for the 75th Anniversary. They were well received and treated exceptionally well. They were presented with a flag that flew over the USS Missouri (“Big Mo”) for the ceremony. They had it mounted in a frame along with the certificate and their bands badge, etc. and presented it to the Post because, as they said, it deserved to be displayed at the post. We have supported the band for over 20 years and have a great relationship with them all. So the next time you’re at the post stop in the lounge and check out the display, it is great and we are proud to provide a home for its display.

The turnout for our pancake breakfasts has improved (except for January, but the weather was terrible so can’t really count that). At November’s the Ladies Auxiliary also had a tricky tray and they did excellent. As you know December was for Autism and between us and Lodi Post 136 we donated over $1,100 plus what they made on their tricky tray. I would like to see more members in attendance at our next events on February 12th and April 9th. These will be the last till after the summer. February’s will be to help Lodi and 170 pay down our mortgages and April’s will be to support Legion Baseball teams, so come out have a great breakfast and know your money will be supporting us in a big way.

The county started a pool tournament and our post has a team entered and at the present time they are in first place with a 2-0 record. One of our members Walt Geer sunk the 8 ball on the break against Carlstadt Post 69 on the day before his 91st birthday, what a way to go. The post will be playing at home Wednesday Feb 1st at 7:30 PM against East Rutherford Post 67, Saturday Feb 4th at 5 PM against Carlstadt Post 69 and again on Wednesday February 22 at 7:30 against Englewood Post 58. Why not come on down and root, root for our team.

The SAL and Riders are working on Texas Hold’em and beef steak fund raisers, so check back at the lounge, our web site Or get on the weekly reminder list by giving me your email address.

As for membership we still have 14 members who have not paid 2017 and therefore are suspended and if not paid by February 1st their membership will expire (Ron Bartke, Gerard Bellizzi, Ricky Businger, Neal Carius, Alton Clemmons, Timothy Daudelin, Jenell Givelber, Dennis Hallahan, Edward Kelly, Thomas King, Roberto Lopez, F. Sensei Montalvan, Simon Seabrooks and Alexander Szajko). If you know any of them or see them please remind them.

On the SAL side we have 23 members in the same position (Kenneth Allen, Russell Babb, Kenneth Browne, Skip Clark, Jared Cooney, Brian Craven, Scott Dunn, Thomas Fragassi, George Franks, Glenn Hanzo, Gregory Hellstern, Christopher Jones, Anthony Korn Jr., Brian McKay, Charles Mckenzie, Philip Murphy, Anthony Natale, Richie Padula, Charles Rief, Scott Ruthe, Ronald Tatham, Jon Taylor and Frank Valenzuela. Again if you know or see them, please remind them again.

Spring will be upon us soon and we will need to get a clean-up crew together to clean both inside (March 24st at 11 AM) and outside (March 25 at 11 AM, weather and hall rental schedule permitting.) Changes will be sent via weekly reminders as well as posted at the lounge.

Well I guess I’ve rambled long enough. I hope to see you at our next meeting and till then stay happy, healthy and safe.


For God and Country,
Bob Salvini


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