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Welcome to the Post 170 Veterans’ Benefits page.  This has been developed to make veterans of all ages aware of benefits and services that are available to them and provide information about accessing benefits.  The tabs on this page describe various programs and resources that can help you solve problems or just answer questions.  If you’re looking for a mortgage or are homeless, if you’re dealing with PTSD or are a senior who needs help with basic tasks, if your dependents are having a hard time adjusting to relocation or need to use your GI Bill for college, or if you’re just looking for a job, you can find some help here.

Not all of the resources listed here are federal.  There are state and local agencies eager to help and private organizations, too.  But perhaps the most important action you can take – if you haven’t already – is registering for benefits with the Department of Veterans Affairs.  This will establish a permanent ID proving your veteran status.  For veterans who have served since 1982, the best website to help you understand and apply for your benefits is eBenefits, at  Sign up for the premium account.  Spouses and dependents over 18 can also register for a basic account.  This can be completed online.  Veterans who served prior to 1982 or choose not to use eBenefits can register by completing VA form 1010EZ, at  (YOU DO NOT NEED TO HAVE CURRENT HEALTH CARE ISSUES TO APPLY.)  Both types of applications can also be handled at the local Veterans Affairs office at 385 Prospect Avenue, Hackensack, NJ 07601.  You can contact VA for help at 800-827-1000 or the Hackensack office at 201-487-1390.  Getting this done now will avoid a search for important papers (DD-214, birth certificates, marriage/divorce documents, etc.) when time is tight or you’re facing a crisis.  Keep in mind that any application, claim, or inquiry will take time to process.

For a quick look at VA benefits available to veterans, their dependents and families, check out this link:   The American Legion Benefits Calculator can help you determine your eligibility for hundreds of available benefits.  If you want a fully detailed handbook of Federal benefits and eligibility requirements, you can download Federal Benefits for Veterans, Dependents and Survivors at or order a copy from VA.  The Department of Veterans Affairs also has manuals, handbooks, and publications that are only available online and have information about benefits and policies at .  A regularly updated source for a summary of federal benefits is

The Federal benefits descriptions and resources listed above are not all inclusive.  (eBenefits users should browse through all the sections.)  Additional state, local, and other sources of assistance are described and listed in the following sections.  Together they provide a starting point.  And for you, the veteran, that’s a point you can use to move forward, take advantage of opportunity, and decide what course of action to take to make your life what it can be.

NOTE:  Where information outlined in these pages does not agree with that stated on a website, the website information should be presumed to be more accurate.

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